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What is Trauma Cover Insurance?


Do you assume that you’ll be adequately covered by your health insurance policy if you become seriously ill or injured? Do you assume that health insurance means you won’t become an unnecessary burden on your family? Your health insurance might not go as far as you think. That’s where trauma cover insurance comes in — to fill in the gaps in your health insurance policy and help you support your family while you recover.

Your traditional medical insurance has its overall limits that can be exhausted with a serious illness or injury. While your basic treatment might be covered, other things might not be (like adding a ramp onto your home or paying regular monthly bills if you can’t continue to bring in an income while recovering). Unlike health insurance, trauma cover insurance is paid in a lump sum payment, giving you more flexibility in deciding how the money should be spent.

Trauma cover insurance can be purchased as a supplement to your life insurance policies. While different insurance companies will cover different illnesses or injuries with their trauma cover plans, some common examples are cancer, heart attacks, and stroke. Always consider your family history, other risk factors, and what your medical insurance already covers when choosing a trauma cover insurance policy.

Why You Need Trauma Cover

You shouldn’t consider trauma coverage as an option. Think of it as a necessity. While no one wants to think about becoming seriously ill, the only thing worse is to have an illness sneak up on you where your family is forced to struggle to get by while you get better because you weren’t prepared. Here are some of the reasons you need a trauma cover policy, starting now:

  • Trauma cover insurance helps you cover medical expenses you couldn’t otherwise afford. You’ll be able to pay for medical equipment, rehabilitation, or just about anything else you need to get back on your feet as quickly as possible through your lump sum trauma cover payment.
  • Trauma cover means that your family may not have to worry about the day-to-day bills. If you are the sole or primary provider for your family, your spouse won’t suddenly have to enter the job market or change jobs just so the family can get by. The trauma cover payment will help you make ends meet in the meantime, so bills don’t because just another added stress for you and your family.
  • Trauma cover can do more than protect your dependants if you become ill or injured. It can make sure they’re protected if they become seriously ill. Not only will child trauma insurance cover major expenses neglected by your health insurance policy if your young one gets ill, but the lump sum payment might allow you (or your partner) to temporarily stop working while the child recovers, giving them the personal support they need.
Stephen Handley
Stephen Handley
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